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Our COSMO mission is to act on behalf of our community nonprofit and education-based member organizations as well as on behalf of independent music producers and publishing in the success of the artists, to promote awareness, recognize achievement and to represent, support and assist the music community.

The purpose of COSMO is to be a resource to its music community members, to help raise funds for their efforts, to sponsor (non-competitive) events to promote and benefit all members and in general, to capitalize on our combined strengths. The nonprofit COSMO organization will be a public benefit corporation that will allow it to be a promotions and non-political advocacy organization that can act to the benefit of its songwriters, musicians and music organization members, by seeking major foundation grants, corporate contributions and advertiser sponsorships.

COSMO does not have individual members nor will it compete directly with its member organizations or detract from their individual identity or independent operations. COSMO is not an “umbrella,” not a quarterback; we’re more like a sideline coach; we are not a superstructure; we do hope to be a part of the global foundation.

COSMO Organization: COSMO will appoint several Officer/Emissaries to share the non-paid workload, and we will actively seek a nonprofit formation grant that will allow the retaining of a paid Executive Director.

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COSMO's Steve Scott


President: Stephen Scott


Corporate and Production Executive:

Mr. Scott has overseen the business formation and corporate strategy of several firms with portfolios of various projects including financing and natural resources.  Additionally, he is heading up the newly launched Coalition of Songwriter & Music Organizations (COSMO), a 501 (c) 3 based in Nevada.

Previous associations have included: The Aladdin Theatre for Performing Arts,Las Vegas, as Head of Production, supervising the creative, production and business affairs of all television and live events.

Cinetrust Corporation,Los Angeles, as Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, guiding the financial and business activities of the company.

Claverhouse International, as financial and business consultant, representing this British merchant bank in London, negotiating a multiple film financing involving EMI Entertainment and British clearing banks, Lloyd’s and National Westminster, and utilizing the then U.K. government sanctioned sale/lease-back method.

Sed-Bar Productions, Burbank, (formerly The Smothers Brothers Company) as Administrative Director for production and business affairs. Company projects included the annual Las Vegas Entertainment Awards for NBC primetime and Movie-of-the-week development deals with CBS and NBC.

Mr. Scott holds a BFA degree in Film fromArt CenterCollege of Design and a BSL from Valley University School of Law. Organizational affiliations include, IFP West and The Entertainment Coalition (ECO*USA.) As well, Mr. Scott served five years as President of Los Angeles Women in Music and was on the board of the Los Angeles Shakespeare Company. He is currently U.S. Division Chief of the Finnish Publishing and Record Company Beem Records USA.


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Vice President: Judy Lamppu

Judy Lamppu

Producer, Screenwriter, Lyricist, Singer - For the past few years, Judy has been writing and producing a CD/book project dealing with the loss of loved ones entitled “Grief Rhymes with Thief,” as well as a book for young adults and a Sci-Fi Pop-Rock Opera entitled “Real.” She is preparing a one-woman show to be produced by her husband, Stephen Scott, celebrating the songbook of her former boss, Doris Day.

For Finnish Jazz star, Bianca Moralesand her label, Beem Records International, Judy wrote all the English lyrics for two CD’s, the most recent, 13 songs on the homage to “Roman Holiday” entitled “When in Rome.” Judy completed an English version of songs for Bianca’s upcoming Christmas CD and an original holiday song, “Let’s Be Children for Christmas,” co-written withBonnie Janofsky.

Judy (as Sonia Wolf) and writing partner, Patricia Ford, had the good fortune of having one of their
scripts read by Peter Falk, who (despite politics) didn’t care that they were unknown writers, and
Caution, Murder Can Be Hazardous To Your Health” became the 2-hour ‘91 season opening "Columbo."

Judy has written title songs for films and TV and has many projects in the works.  Among her” song
credits are (co-written with the Paris brothers) “Situation” for Jobete/Motown, released on London Records by artists Hodges, James & Smith; “Lulu” by the Jackson 5 (available on the collection “Soul-Sation”); “Nobody,” a Capitol Records Nancy Wilson release; “I Haven’t Got the Heart to Say Goodbye” and “Here I Am” (title song), special project for James Brown’s label Starday King, by the Mayor of Macon, GA, Ronnie Thompson, also recorded by both Dian Hart for Amaret Records and “The Group” for the Pete Records label.  Both artists also recorded “If’s A Mighty Big Word” co-written by Ben Peters and “If You Don’t Love Me” co-written by Ben Wiseman (published by Melon MUSIC/Shelby Singleton Music).  She also co-wrote “A Miracle” with CBS’s Morton Stevens for a TV special, “Antonio & the Mayor.”

Judy’s performing career began while still in high school recording for Capitol Records and a film for American International Films; with her girl trio “Code 3” recorded a title song for the film “Bouncin’ Back,” for Chako Film Productions which was distributed worldwide by Toho of Japan; they also did club and event appearances, and were booked for a USO tour.

Early in her career, she was featured soloist on “Surfin’ withJimmy” from “The Beach Party Album” on Gary Paxton’s
GARPAX label, which landed her in a new book entitled: “BIKINIS, BLACK DENIM AND BITCHEN SOUNDS A Musical
Appreciation Of Female Surf, Hot-Rod And Related Recordings1961-1967” by Australian author Stephen McParland. (This picture in her go-go outfit  is on
the back cover).  She also recorded as a member of a duo Bob & Judy on “We Got Somethin’ Goin’” for RAMSHORN Records.

Judy can either write to music or independently of the music. She loves Broadway musicals        Go-go Dancer. and has written several songs with two or three part counterpoint lyrics and harmonies.

Memberships: Co-Founder of Coalition of Songwriter & Music Organizations (COSMO), VP of Beem, WGA west; NARAS; ASCAP; Society of Composers and Lyricists (SCL); CCC; California Songwriters Association; Songsalive!; a member and former 5-year Board member of L.A. WoMen in Music.

Judy attendedL.A.CityandValleyCollege,KIISBroadcastingSchool, studied with renowned vocal coachElisabeth Howardand often teaches lyric writing.  She was an executive assistant to Doris Day, Dustin Hoffman Vikki Carr, Columbia Production Exec Robert Lawrence, Director Herb Ross, and many other luminaries.

Judy was the 2009 Ms Senior Santa Clara, was 2010 Ms. Indiana Senior America and is a member of the National and California Cameo Club (supporting the Senior America Pageant). She just co-wrote the new pageant theme song “Age of Elegance” to be debuted at the Ms. Senior California state finals in August 2012.

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Marketing/PR/Pitch-a-Song: Toni Koch 

Toni Koch or cell phone (602-300-9626)

Toni Koch is TK Promitions, her original company to independently produce, promote and market causes or projects close to her heart. Born in the 50's,  Toni is an enduring figure as an artist advocate, working many hours on behalf of the Coalition, to bring new opportunities to the songwriters and composers as well as industry friends in this business of music.  She has been at the forefront of the new music revolution, having learned classical piano (age 6-13), and followed on to guitar, bass and percussion. Toni was active in high school music and drama activities. After high school graduation, Toni went to Phoenix College for 18 months before shifting gears to pursue her love of music.

For the past 20 years, Toni’s work and passion has focused on break out indie or major label artist with guerilla marketing for all styles of music, visual art and authors. She is known for her creative and reliable work as a street team pioneer (Evening Star Productions later was purchased by Clear Channel Entertainment and Live Nation), earning a few awards, Indie Promoter of the Year for local shows (1986 Soundboard Magazine), a platinum record from Columbia Records for club and radio promotion in 1986 (The Hooters “And We Danced”) and has continued to be on the cutting edge in showcasing and connecting music industry forces with emerging talent. She has won community acknowledgement as one of the five producers of the Los Angeles Women's Music Festival, (2007).  After working with non-profit songwriter groups and joining forces with Judy Lamppu and Steve Scott to help build the Coalition, Toni is the owner/director of TK Promotions and the one-on-one music placement vehicle Pitch-A-Song which brings music placement pro’s together with the music makers!

Toni is also a qualified executive assistant working from 1997-2003 in Phoenix, AZ for Dr. Marcia Reynolds, author and international speaker,, and was able to keep up with indie music promotion at night.  Acting as local publicist for Dr. Reynolds, Toni learned to "book" professional events and her career seemed to take another step into achieving her "indie promoter and producer" goals.  Toni was often called upon to assist in fundraisers, bringing people together and working long hours for health and women's issues.

Moving to Los Angeles in 2003, Toni has since been part of many L.A. music conferences, meetings and industry events. She booked touring talent as an advocate of "no pay to play", often spending her own money to make sure an artist got food and some form of appreciation.  Toni found work through Aquent,, which placed her in temp jobs during the day at places like Disney Publishing, Mattel, Electronic Arts and helped her to be able to volunteer as an artist activist. In late 2007 Toni began moving ahead with her own goals and left non-profit work for a time to refocus, renew and regroup. In 2008, COSMO Coalition was forming and Toni agreed to work with Judy and Steve to build this wonderful concept in supporting indie music as well as build bridges for music, film, tv and other areas to collaborate.

In 2011, Toni co-founded Sister Soulstice with designer/artist/vocalist Gina Thompson Venturini. Although busy with projects, Toni will makes time to sit and listen if you have questions and may want direct answers.  She spends time for COSMO Coaliton creating and producing events to capture the community and public's attention. Mary's Kat-a-ToniK House Concerts have begun in Woodland Hills with Kat-A-ToniK  friend and promo partnet Kat Ellis and House owner Mary Valente. To contact Toni, please email her at or

You can find Toni on Facebook (Toni Koch, Toni K Pitchasong, and Kat-a-ToniK Music Discussion Group.)


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