Made in the Valley: Entrepreneurs Renee Shatanoff & Robin Kellogg share creative & unique ways to revamp your business, Tues. May 21, 2013

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Join us for this captivating and informative workshop held:

Tuesday May 21st, 2013 - 6:30pm – 8:30pm at

The Office Slice - 15165 Ventura Blvd Suite 245,Sherman Oaks, CA, 91403

The year is almost half-over.  Have you met your goals, you know the ones you set in January? Or will the next 6 months be "business as usual?"  You still have time to turn things around.

Entrepreneurs Renee Shatanoff and Robin Kellogg share creative and unique ways to revamp your business. They will discuss:

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ü       How to get others to drink the Kool-Aid and invest in your business

ü       Taking your business to new heights with support and guidance from your network

ü       Using branding and marketing to uncover your "Holy Grail"

ü       Why juggling several plates at once is for the stage, not for business.


*NOTE – PLEASE make sure to read the parking signs! Metered parking available on Ventura and Columbus.  Also, there is some free neighborhood parking on Moorpark, which runs behind the building. Sometimes the building garage is open till 6:30pm and if the gate is up you can park in the building (no ticket needed).  Also, there is parking in the Cost Plus lot; however, they do charge.


Renee Shatanoff is founder and CEO of Harnessed Lightning. As a Career Designer, she helps people who feel trapped in their job, profession, career, or business see and find a way out to a professional life they can finally call their own. Renee is an expert on this subject, as she has experienced this phenomenon first hand. Having survived several mergers, acquisitions, and layoffs, Renee finally decided to design and create her own career.


Renee began her career at a time when doors were opening for women in the technical arena; when telephones were attached to walls; when the Internet was safely tucked away in a college lab; and seat belts were a magic hand that came across your body when the car slowed down or stopped. The perspective Renee has gleaned from this is technology will always move faster than you will, so choose it, don’t chase it; to be adaptable, flexible, and nimble; to think differently, to follow your own road and clear your own path; to swing those doors wide, walk on in, leave your mark, and exit gracefully.
Renee loves to engage with her audience. As a survivor of corporate upheaval and technological change that would give most people whiplash, she has retained her sense of humor and loves to share her experiences and stories with her audience. Her speaking engagements are lively, fun, and -

Robin Kellogg helps small to mid-size businesses brand and market their products and services by creating dynamic, eye-catching text for websites, brochures, press releases, articles and other marketing and promotional materials. She delivers clients' messages in powerful and concise language, creating interest within their target audience, and resulting in more recognition and sales.

Robin Kellogg Associates, 818-993-5468 (o) - 818-631-6848


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