judy lamppu 2011


by Judy Lamppu

April 13, 2013



JUDYISM: Polishing a diamond results in beauty for the beholder,
but resistance and pain is the experience of the diamond.




judyism 6 Polishing a Diamond


Life’s challenges may be overwhelming. In the midst of what seems more than we can handle, there are beams of light that break through the dark clouds.  I’ve learned to look up, take a breath, and hope to see those openings to the heavens.  More often than not, while I’m looking, the brilliant pathway appears and seems to offer me a moment of hope and peace.  I must only remember to look and to be open to those shining lifelines. 


Whatever are our beliefs, spirituality is a real and tangible gift available to and inherent in us all.  The real challenge is our ability to accept and acknowledge this gift as not just some vague, improbable dream, but a concrete solid center in our hearts and souls.  I’ve learned that dreams of all kinds are more than illusion.  They are lessons, hopes, knowledge, guides and a secret key to the universal consciousness available to us all.


I pray for you and for me that we lean to be open to the often painful, but always worthwhile gift that invites us toward perfection.  We may not attain it in this lifetime, but the striving and the journey that is uniquely ours is our most important, in fact our only, true lifetime purpose.










Diamond polisher