The Mentality of the Rich – (article shared for our COSMO readers by VP Judy Lamppu)


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The Mentality of the Rich

 September 5, 2012: Steve Siebold, author of How Rich People Think shared
‘15 ways that rich people think differently’ with Business Insider.

What is it that separates the rich from the rest of us? 15 Ways Rich People Think Differently
online at

1. Rich people think selfishness is a virtue: Average people feel they need to save the world and put others before themselves which is keeping them poor. Rich people take the attitude that if they don’t help themselves first they can’t help anyone else.

2. Rich people have an action mentality: You wouldn’t see a rich person lining up to play the lottery (even before they were rich). Average people are always waiting on someone else to help them get rich – the Lotto, Government, friend or spouse – but it only keeps them poor. Rich people take action and spend time solving problems.

3. Rich people favor specific knowledge over formal education: Average people believe the road to riches is through doing masters and doctorates. Rich people are generally rich because they have made money selling a specific knowledge they have acquired.

4. Rich people dream of the future: Rich people spend a lot of time looking into the future, setting goals and looking forward to what lies ahead. Average people dwell on the past which often holds them back by making them unhappy or depressed.

5. Rich people think about money logically: Average and well-educated people can fall into the trap of thinking about money emotionally and just wanting to retire comfortably. Rich people maintain a logical relationship with money viewing it as a tool that represents options and opportunities.

6. Rich people follow their passion: Oprah Winfrey said it – you’ve got to follow your passion and do what you love. Rich people find a way of getting paid for doing something they love. Average people earn money doing things they don’t love.

7. Rich people aim high: Average people set low expectations to avoid disappointment whereas rich people set huge expectations and follow their dreams.

8. Rich people believe you have to “be” someone: Average people on the other hand believe you have to “do” something to be rich and focus on immediate results. Rich people continuously focus on bettering themselves and learn from success and failures.

9. Rich people use other people’s money: Average people believe they need their own money to make money whereas rich people have no problem using other people’s.

10. Rich people live below their means: It seems contradictory to the above statement but rich people adopt the attitude of getting rich so you can afford to live below your means. Average people live beyond their means.

11. Rich people teach their children how to be rich: Average people teach their children how to survive whereas rich people teach their children from an early age about the world of haves and have nots.

12. Rich people don’t let money stress them out: Average people do. Rich people find peace of mind in wealth and are not afraid to admit that money can solve most problems – allowing them to make more money. Average people see money as a continuous battle and necessary evil they have to endure.

13. Rich people would rather be educated than entertained: Average people are the opposite. They read novels, tabloids and entertainment rather than continuously educating themselves after school.

14. Rich people surround themselves with like-minded people: Average people think rich people are snobs and thus have a negative attitude towards the super rich. Rich people steer clear of the doom and gloom attitudes and people – adding fuel to the fire of the “snob” label.

15. Rich people focus on earning: Average people focus on saving and miss big opportunities by trying to live frugally. Rich people constantly focus on the big picture – and how to earn the big bucks.

Article by Sarah O’Carroll |www.


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